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This page explains why and how to install a PlusNet Broadband Internet connection

Why? How?
  • Because, if you accept that the Internet might ultimately
    be a useful means of obtaining information about goods,
    services and entertainment then high speed delivery is
    definitely better than slow.
  • Most BT telephone exchanges are now enabled and the
    cost is rapidly reaching a level where it is comparable to
    the cost of a basic dial-up service for low-demand users.
  • HM Government is actively encouraging the widespread
    enablement of Broadband. No doubt it is the economical
    delivery of government services which is attractive.
  • Most of the 66+ ISPs in the UK can deliver a broadband
    service, but how many can match the full set of features
    provided by PlusNet for both Residential & Business use? 
  • The first consideration is your username. When you sign
    up for an account at PlusNet, your username is how you
    will be found on the Internet. There is no cost involved
    with signing up for an account with PlusNet.
  • The 'FREE' PlusNet dialup account enables you to connect
    to the Internet from virtually anywhere and it is easy to
    upgrade to Broadband with UK award winning PlusNet.

Still not sure what to do? Ask a friend or neighbour for help or call 01794-341405
(Recommend award winning PlusNet to a friend and the cost of your service will be discounted by a small amount)

Webpage updated on 07-Jul-2014

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